Worship Design Suite of Seminars

Jacqueline Thompson, 2019 Design Team Member

As a member of the Convocation Design Team, I’d like to invite you to join us in Kansas City in July! Not only will we participate in incredible worship experiences, but we will also be providing a special suite of seminars designed to help you plan worship in your local context.

Our Worship Design Suite will feature four afternoon seminars focusing specifically on different aspects of the worship planning experience. They include:

Designing and Leading Multi-Faith Worship, led by Donna Coltrane Battle;

Planning Authentic Worship in an Excel Spreadsheet Time, led by Sterling Allen;

and Worshiping Beyond Style Labels, led by John Hollan.

I will be leading the fourth seminar, All Together Now! Inter/Multi Generational Worship.

We are very excited about these special seminars and hope that you will consider these as well as all of the other amazing seminars we have planned during our time together in Kansas City!

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Thompson
2019 Convocation Design Team Member


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