Registration Discounts

There are a number of ways that you can save on your registration and or expenses for “A Place at the Table.”

Share a Room

If you’re interested in the option of having a roommate, visit our roommate list to see who is looking for a roommate or add your name to the list. You may also call 800-952-8977.

Share a Ride

Consult the attendee list to see if there was someone traveling from or through your area who might want to share ride expenses. If you need contact info for a person, email and let us know who you’d like to contact.

SBC21 Connections and Black Methodists for Church Renewal

Are you connected to the “Strengthening the Black Church in the 21st Century” initiative or BMCR? If so, use the button below BEFORE May 31 and enter Registration Code: SBC21 or BMCR for a 20% discount on the “Dessert (Regular)” registration rate. Registrations are pending upon confirmation of your connection or membership.

SBC21 & BMCR Registration

Residents of Kansas and Missouri

Thanks for welcoming us to your part of the world. A special rate is available to you on the regular event registration page.

Kansas & Missouri Registration

Regional Annual Conferences

There are special discounts for those in annual conferences in the region. They include:

  • Arkansas
  • Great Plains
  • Illinois Great Rivers
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Northern Illinois
  • Oklahoma

Special rate:

  • Until May 31: $339
  • June 1-15: $369 (Extended until June 24!)
  • After June 15: $389

PLUS: 2nd registration at 25% off using the registration code PlusOne on the 2nd registration.

Regional Registration

Open to ALL

And … if none of those things applies to you, have no fear! Register using the button below and receive a special rate of $379. If you register by May 31, the rate is $349, a savings of $70 off the current registration fee of $419. After May 31, the rate will be $379, then $399 after June 15 (Extended until June 24!) … so register today!

Register Now